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I believe that education is crucial to help improve our state and some things I would like to do to help is to increase teacher salaries, hire more qualified teachers so that we can keep our class sizes small so students get more one on one interaction.  I also would like to help keep post high school education as affordable as possible so more people are able to get a career and help in our economy.

Middle Class;

I am a firm believer in a strong middle class so doing things to help maintain and grow the middle class is absolutely essential.  Livable wages, access to affordable health care and time off to spend with their families are absolutely crucial in helping build and maintain the middle class.

Mental Health;

I have depression and anxiety so access to quality mental health professionals is very personal to me.  I want people who are struggling to be able to afford options for therapy, medications, and doctor appointments so that they can live a normal life and not have to worry about having a mental health crisis.

Term Limits

I believe that we must put term limits on politicians as this helps get more people involved in government, allows new ideas, and allows for compromise.  This allows the government to truly be run by the people for the people.

Ranked Choice Voting

It feels that we as a country are more divided than ever and this is because of how we handle
our elections. I am not talking about voting machines or voting by mail but by our winner take
all elections. Right now, we have plurality elections where the candidates do not need a
majority to win the election, they just need more votes than the other candidates. This does
not do a good job of representing the people. With winner take all, candidates from both
parties tend to go to the extreme wings of their parties to win an election. This is part of the
problem. In politics we need to work together, regardless, of political ideology. As candidates
become more extreme the less likely they are to work together and instead call each other
names and play the blame game. There is a solution and it is ranked choice voting. With
ranked choice voting only the candidate that gets the majority (more than 50%) of the votes
wins the election. Ranked choice voting lets voters literally rank their choices in order of
preference, marking candidates as their first, second, and third choice picks. The winner must
have a majority (more than 50% of the votes) rather than a plurality (simply the most votes).
The benefit of ranked choice voting is that candidates have to appeal to a majority of voters
making them less extreme and ensures the candidate with the most support wins. If you follow
sports you will know that major awards are decided by ranked choice voting. The Heisman
Trophy, NBA MVP, and NBA Defensive Player of the Year are just a few examples of how ranked
choice voting works. I believe that we are not as divided as it may seem, that we have more in
common with each other and that we can work together for the betterment of our society. The
first step to unifying this country and this state is to implement ranked choice voting.

Tanner Greenhalgh
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